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Laundry Mistakes That You Need To Avoid


Doing your laundry at home is not easy. The slightest mistake can really damage the fabric of the clothing or even the fitting of it. There can be changes in colour and also you will not be able to use the outfits for a long period of time. There are few of the cases where you will give your clothing to a Laundromat and they would still make certain mistakes that will cause the apparel a lot of distress and damage. However, if you know what you can do right and use those tips to wash your clothing at home, you will not only save money but also be able to enjoy your garments for longer in original condition or you may also look for Dry Cleaning Mauritius. Here are some mistakes that you really need to avoid when doing your laundry.

Sorting Light and Dark Colours Isn’t Enough

If all this time you were under the impression that simply sorting out the light-coloured materials from the dark-coloured ones is all that you had to do, you could not have been more off the mark. You ideally also need to sort out clothes according to how dirty they are. Basically, if you wash really muddied clothing with ones that aren’t, the end result is not that fresh and clean.

Avoid the Dryer Wherever Possible

It is alright to use the dryer or Laundry Mauritius but try and reduce using it as much as possible. The more that you use clotheslines to dry your clothing, the better chance you have of retaining its original shape and texture but also of saving electricity. Even if you do use a dryer make sure that you do not overuse it and that you do not overload it. The dry-cleaning companies might also offer Laundry Delivery service at your door step.

Avoid Using Detergent Directly on the Clothing

Adding your washing powder or detergent directly on to the clothing can damage your garments. This is why there is a specific method and order to how you can add the detergent. You need to add the clothing into the washer first then place the water in sufficiently and lastly add the soap or detergent. If you are going to use a bleach then it is water first then clothing and then the soap.  However, for any party wear clothes it is always better to look for Linen Laundry.

Zippers and hooks

If you put clothing into the washing machine with open zippers, they might get caught on other fabric and pull them causing rips and tears. Hence, it is always better to look for Suit Dry Cleaning. The same goes for any hooks that can be found in lingerie or on clothing as well. If there is a chance that anything can get caught on something, make sure that that particular item is placed inside a lingerie bag before being put into the washer or you can use a pillowcase as an alternative as well. These are some of the most common laundry mistakes that you probably did not know that you were making.