Drop-Off and Pick-Up Information

We would like for you to help your child become an independent kindergartener by using the drive-thru for drop-off in the mornings and allowing him to walk to our class without you.  Mrs. Hargett will be in the lobby each morning at 8:10 to get the children from your vehicles.  (Parents - please remain in your vehicle while in the drive-thru line.)  She will see that the children walk in the correct direction toward our classroom.  Mrs. Smith will be at the entrance to our classroom to guide them down the hall. 

If you choose to walk your child to the lobby, please park in the parking lot.  We prefer that good-byes are said in the lobby.  Mrs. Smith's attention will be on the children down the hall and in our classroom, and a parent's presence distracts both Mrs. Smith and the other children.  If you wish to speak to Mrs. Smith, please make arrangements to do so when school is not in session.


Dismissal will be from the lobby beginning at 12:10.  Please do not get in the pick-up line before then.  Other classes are dismissing from the same area until that time.