Homework Guidelines

  • Homework will be sent home daily, Monday through Thursday.  It is due the next school day.  Every day, please read with your child.  A reading-log will be kept in your child's folder; remember to record the books you read.  (This includes books we send home for your child to read, as well as books from home that the child reads or that you read to your child.)
  • Usually NO homework will be sent home on Friday!  There may be an exception to this from time to time. 
  • Work not completed in class will be sent home to be completed.  It should be returned the next school day.  This DOES include weekends (work not completed in class on Friday will be sent home to complete, and will be due the next school day).
  • ◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤◊¤

    • Homework should be completed with a pencil.
    • For coloring projects, crayons or colored-pencils should be used.  Please do not use markers. Smile
    • Encourage your child to do his best work at home.  The same is expected of your child at school.