Syllabus and documents

Spanish IA Syllabus Course Information Spanish 1A and 1B

Prerequisites: None.

Elective required

Instructor: Yaite Arthmann

Florida High Foreign Language Teacher

Office: Eight grade office

Office hours:



Phone Number: 245-3916


Expresate (provided by teacher)

Expresate Workbook (2)(provided by teacher)

 Materials needed for class

5 dividers in binder


2 Workbooks (provided)

Textbook (provided)



Test: 50

Quizzes 15%

Projects: 10%

Binder: 10%

Homework/Assignments 15%

 Required Project:  TBA Field Trip:  TBA  Class rules 

1: Respect your classmates and teacher.

2: Come into class quietly

3: Raise your hand to speak.

4: Bring the required materials to class daily.

5: Complete all homework and assignments on time.

6: No food, gum or drink other than water in class.

      Class Management Plan 

All disrupting behaviors and tardy policies as established by school regulations will be handle using school wide regulatory procedures as acknowledged on the student’s code of conduct and the Nole’s referral system.

Attendance and tardy policies

 Attendance and tardy policies as stated on the students conduct and discipline code or otherwise as stated by administration.  Students are required and held responsible for updating their work, gathering the information taught the day of absence and making up and turning in the missed work. All attendance and behavior referrals will be sent through Nole’s system.