Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

By: Yasmeen Payton and Talya Oliphant





General History

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Wurttemburg, Germany.  He died on April 18, 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey.  When Albert was born he lived in Wurttemburg.  Six weeks later he moved to Munich.  He went to school at the Luitpold Gymnasuim.  Later he moved to Italy.  He continued his education in Aarau, Switzerland.  Albert’s parents were Herman and Paulina Koch Einstein.  Einstein’s father business failure led him to move the family to Munich, and later to Milan.  When he was younger his parents thought he might be somewhat backwards.  His mother thought that he was deformed as a baby.  He was a fat baby with a large head.  When Einstein was little he spoke very slowly.  He had to play the sentences over and over in his head before he said them aloud.  Einsteins parents thought that he was slow.  Einstein’s speech improved at age 9,one day  he was sitting at the table at supper an said “the soup was hot” relieved at this his parents asked why had he never  said a word before , Albert replied “because before now everything was in order.” Einstein was found of classical music an played violin .


Einstein theories

  • Einstein was best known for his theory of relativity . E=MC^2 , The formula was published 1905, relates energy of particles to its mass. The formula  states that particles energy is equal to its mass times its speed of light (3*10^8m/s)squared .The  theory gives the idea that energy can be converted from mass to energy and energy to mass. Relativity  theory revolutionized scientific thought with new conceptions of time ,mass, space ,motion and gravitation
  • The famous  equation e=mc^2 (energy equals mass times velocity of light squared ),became the new foundation stone in development of nuclear energy.


Extra information

  • Einstein  gave the greatest  contribution to scientific knowledge –year 1905- Einstein wrote three papers  Annalen Der physik  each paper became the basis of new physics
  • In 1940 Einstein became a U.S  citizen 
  • Einstein  in 1913 was elected  to the Pussian academy of sciences in Berlin
  • Albert married Mileva Maric in 1903
  • Albert Einstein  has two sons by Mileva , Hans albert and Eduard




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