Ms. Metni's Year 4 Class - The Breakspear School


Dear families at The Breakspear School,

     I am so thrilled that I will be working with you this school year. As your child's Year 4 teacher, I am going to try my best to make our classroom an open community that includes students, families, teachers, and administrators. Within my classroom community, we learn to care about each other and work together to motivate our students to be the best people they can possibly be! Our community celebrates every member of the group, and encourages positive, constructive feedback and collaboration. We are happy to have you and your child joining us this year!

About This Website:

     For the privacy of my students, their parents, and other teachers and staff of Breakspear, this website requires a password that only the school administration and parents will have access to. Under no circumstance should this password be given to other parents whom I do not have direct contact with, nor should we allow the password to get into the hands of people we do not know. Securing privacy will be a collaborative effort, and it is important to note that the safeguarding of our children is my utmost priority.

     I will be updating this website consistently throughout the school year. When I post a new entry, you will see a note in your child's school agenda that says, "new blog post!"

     During the first week of classes, I will send a note home that will give parents the option to receive printed copies of the blog posts. I hope to make the information I post about our classroom as accessible to parents as possible. (These will be separate from the monthly classroom newsletters you will receive.)

     If you have any suggestions about making this blog more accessible or easier to navigate, please let me know as soon as possible! I appreciate all feedback. You may reach me in the "Contact" section. smiley

     Various sections of this blog may be accessed in the navigation bar at the top of the page, under the large title. In these sections, you will find:

>>> "Monthly Updates" - everything in this section will also be sent home as a "monthly classroom newsletter", with a calendar and an update on what we will be learning in the upcoming month.

>>> "Calendar" - school events that are listed on the official school website, as well as our classroom events and assignment due dates.

>>> "Academics" - major class assignments, projects, and tests will be posted here by date and subject. You may also find the review/study sheets that will go home with your child to help prepare for the assignments or tests, and the rubrics by which I'll be marking your child.

>>> "Extra-Curricular" - information and photographs from class trips, clubs, sporting events, or other non-academic related school activities will be posted here.

     During the first week of school, I will be sending a school form home concerning photographs (if you do not wish for your child's photograph to be taken, or have their photographs posted on the blog, you will be able to sign this form to prevent it.)

>>> "Contact" - methods by which you may contact me (email, phone) and the times of day when I will most likely be able to respond to your inquiry. I will do my best to resolve any concerns or questions you may have, and welcome discussions about your child and the best options for their education!

About Your Teacher:

     This past June I graduated from the University of Western Ontario's faculty of education (in Canada), specializing in Primary/Junior years (the elementary level, parallel to Reception/Key Stages 1 & 2). I taught in classrooms at both ends of the spectrum during my practicums - a Kindergarten class (ages 3-5), and a Grade 5/6 class (ages 9-12). Both experiences taught me valuable lessons about planning, teaching, accommodating students, and many other key responsibilities that I will be able to use in my classroom this year.

     I am very excited to embark on this journey to Great Britain - I am landing on August 25, 2015 and will be spending the week moving in, getting organized, and setting up my classroom. If you have any suggestions for tools or resources that you've seen in the past, please don't hesitate to share!

     I place firm value in the notion that we should try our very best to be empathetic to the people we meet. This and other values I hope to reinforce in my classroom this year. I believe that sharing with parents will open up discussion in a positive way, and help us to connect as a community to better understand one another on a multifaceted level. Keep in mind that I take nothing for face-value, but rather understand that there are extenuating circumstances that may place you or your child at a disadvantage in certain aspects of your lives. Please know that I am welcoming of all walks of life, and will be available to discuss accommodations or alternative methods concerning your child's education when necessary.

     Otherwise, I am very excited to begin the school year! I have many hobbies or interests that I may inspire school clubs if students show interest, such as knitting, playing musical instruments/singing, running, painting, horse-back riding, playing soccer (football), and photography, to name a few. I can't wait to learn all about my students and what their interests are as well!

Getting To Know My Students:

     I will be contacting parents at the beginning of the school year to embark on our relationship together as the Year 4 educator for your child. I will be asking questions about your child that are specific to their strengths, needs, and interests in and out of the classroom. This should help me to create lessons that are relevant to your child's interests and hobbies, their skill levels, and their goals.

     If at any point you would like to update me on the health or well-being of your child, please do not hesitate to contact with me. If it is a school-related matter, please be in contact with the school secretary or head teachers first, so that they may keep records of the situation, and contact me directly during the school-time hours. 

     Please note that if you feel your child needs accommodations or lesson modifications at any time, that I hold an open-door policy where you are welcome to share these concerns at any period throughout the year!

     Thank you for your support and initiative to help me to provide the most relevant and engaging education for your child this year!

Ms. Metni's Classroom Policies and Guidelines:

     For now, all I'll say to this is that as I am still getting to know the Breakspear School policies and procedures, parents are recommended to follow procedure as per the school normally allows. In terms of information specific to your child, ensure that the school administrators are aware of any situations big or small, but please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. If I cannot answer right away, or if it is a delicate matter, I may let you know that I will be consulting my Head Teacher for advice or conferences. You will be contacted through the school's regular means if we are considering meeting you to discuss your child's concerns.

     As mentioned above, I teach values such as acceptance, empathy, peace, faith, respect, love, self-regulation, fairness and kindness, and hope to embody these values as a role model to my students every day. As we move through September, you will receive specific information about my classroom rules (the students will create a contract together based on their ideas of a "community"), and will become aware of fair ways we use to solve problems, redirect behavioural issues, and create a foundation for respect and patience. 

     Below is the timetable taken from the official school website. While I understand that some days are just "off" days, please ensure your child is on time every morning, preferably having eaten a nutritious breakfast (please let me know if this is not possible for your family to provide, and I will accommodate for you). It is important that students have a great start to every day - as well as healthy snacks and lunches for later! smileyyes

Times                     Lessons 

8:50 - 10:00           Lesson 1
10:00 - 10:55         Lesson  2 
10:55 - 11:15         Play Time 
11:15 - 12:20         Lesson 3 
12:20 - 1:20           Lunch Time
1:20 - 2:20             Lesson 4
2:20 - 3:15             Lesson 5 
3:25                        KS2 Finish 


     Thank you so much for reading through this introduction. You will receive more details once the school year gets under way and our classroom is settled in. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the contact page in the navigation bar to email me. If it is an urgent matter, please contact the school directly as per your usual methods of contact.