Rounding and Significant Figures






Round these numbers to one decimal place:













Round these numbers to two decimal places:

















What are the rules for rounding?

Which numbers do you round up?

Which numbers do you round down?

Copy these sentences into your book and fill in the gaps with either up or down-

Numbers 0 --> 4 round _______

Numbers 5 --> 9 round _______

If the number is less than 5 you round_______

If the number is equal to 5 or greater you round_______

When N < 5 you round______

When N = 5 you round_____

N means number.

What does this symbol mean < ?

What does this symbol mean > ?

What does this symbol mean = ?






Using inequalities-

If you wanted to say that 5 is smaller than 8 you could write...

5 < 8

If you wanted to say that 8 is bigger than 5 you could write...

8 > 5

A way to remember it-The crocodiles mouth always eats the larger number

The larger side points to the larger number and the smaller side points towards the smaller number.

> means bigger than

< means smaller than

Write these sentences using inequalities-

10 is bigger than 5

7 is bigger than 2

8 is smaller than 13

5 is smaller than 6

Now write these inequalities as sentences-

5 > 3

3 < 5

9 > 5

7 < 22


Significant Figures

In any number the first significant figure is the first figure which is not a zero.

Round these numbers to one significant figure-




Round these numbers to two significant figures-









Look at the my maths lessons on rounding and significant figures.

Significant figures -

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Upper and Lower bounds-

Take a quick look at the my maths lessons for upper and lower boounds to give you a headstart on our next lesson. I do not expect you to understand it all!


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solving problems by rounding

significant figures

And upper and lower bounds part 1

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