Class Assignment

Beg. Spanish (Middle School)

Mi familia (My Family)

Objective: Students will be able to create a power point presentation using a dictionary and adding pictures

in order to practice the Spanish vocabulary they learned in class.


  • A Spanish- English dictionary
  • A computer with Power Point (ppt) and access to Google image. (site:edu)
  • Vocabulary list (10 Spanish words)

Description: This lesson will be taught at the media center (50 min).

  • Students will be divided in groups of 2 for each computer.
  • The teacher will provide the vocabulary list with the 10 Spanish words they need to include in the ppt.
  • Example: Madre, padre, bebe, abuelo, abuela, etc.

Directions for the students:

  • Create a power point presentation (ppt) with 11 slides.
  • The 1st slide will include the title of your ppt, the student name, and period of class.
  • In each slide, include only one Spanish word, its translation in English, and a picture that best show its definition (use only google images with site:edu)