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British Council PDF flashcards of Ancient Egypt, Animal Body Parts, Bugs, Christmas, Circus, Clothes, Dangerous Animals, Enviroment, Fantasy Animals, Food, Halloween, Human Body, Jobs, Music, Olympic Sports, Pets, Playground, School, Sea Animals, Shops And Places, Sports, Time, Toys, Zoo Animals.

ESL flashcard sets of actions, adjectives, adjective opposities, alphabet, animals, body parts, christmas, Christmas colouring, clothes, colours, daily activities, Easte, Easter colouring, emotions, family, food (plural), food (uncountable), Halloween, health, numbers, jobs, places, prepositions, rooms in a house, school objects, seasons & weather, sports, sports actions, sports equipment, St Patricks day, Thanksgiving, time, Valentine's day.

PK1-101 Class March 2009

Tools & Builders 

Crossword and Wordfind maker

Wordfind maker

Crossword builder software - install and save word lists on your computer

News lesson writer - current events with optional vocab, grammar and reading skills add-ons

Teacher's Pet Word add-in - install and use on MS word for word jumble, crossword, multiple choice, thesaurus, it has everything


ESL base - teaching young learners - articles on teaching young learners

Teaching ESL to ChildrenYeonje Staff Room

How to Teach a Child English One to One

Using Stories in the Preschool ESL Classroom

Teaching Grammar with Fun Learning Games

Class Projects

Controlling large classes

Motivating young children to learn English

Teaching children grammar through games

Teacher Development

British Council Videos on eliciting, organising games, feedback, interaction patterns etc.

Yeonje Corem

British Council Professional Development Home 

British Council Korea - courses, what's on

Links to comprehensive sites

British Council Teaching English - great, thorough, accurate megasite

ESL base - great, limited lessons though

English Banana - okay for games and activities

Dave's ESL cafe - only use this if you have a lot of time to search

ESL lab - listening scripts