Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations (Students Handbook)

Classrooms are our places of work.  To allow everyone to work successfully, safely and enjoyably,

we expect our students to do the following:

Before lessons, please:                                                                                                                                                             

  • come back from the playground when the warning bell rings
  •  prepare books, pens, notebooks and other materials for the lesson 
  •   use your locker to keep what you won’t need for the lesson


At the start of a lesson, please: 

  •    arrive on time and sit in your allocated place 
  •    wait quietly and courteously
  •     take the initiative to read, review or prepare new lessons


During lessons, please: 

  • remain silent and concentrate when your teacher is talking
  • put up your hand to ask a question
  • work sensibly with others 
  •  let others work in peace
  • record homework in your planner


At the end of lessons: 

  • the bells are not signals for you; they are for the information of your teacher
  • you should not begin to pack away until your teacher tells you
  • when your teacher tells you to go, clean up your area by putting all litter in  bins, putting your chair back and walking from the room quietly