Explorers' Progressive        Educational Programs



 Explorers' Progressive Educational Programs   


Welcome to the Explorers' progressive educational programs!  KinderClub Explorers was created in 1987 and since has been a work in progress.  Kindergarten Explorers, Junior Explorers, and Wee Explore! eventually evolved and are now part of our program levels. 

The Explorers' programs are designed to prepare children for kindergarten or the next level of learning by enhancing self-esteem, communication, literacy, and social skills through a "hands-on" thematic approach to curriculum.  Our approach is well aligned with guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices.  Although the room atmosphere may appear informal, the program and environment are the results of careful planning to enhance learning and encourage creativity.  The needs of the individual children, as well as the needs of the group, are considered in the planning.  Regular observations are made to ensure the success of the individualized curriculum.

Our curriculum continuum includes all developmental domains and is based on recommendations for age-appropriate skills from the Pennsylvania Academic Standards, Kiski Area School District, and the Children's School at Carnegie Mellon University.  Engaging environments are prepared for exploring themes and subjects.  A cooperative learning experience allows children to work collectively to reach a common goal.

Parents will be invited to view and participate in the classroom at various times throughout the year.  Parents are welcome to visit anytime but are encouraged to visit at the designated times.  Parent conferences on student progress may be pre-arranged upon request. 

We look forward to this opportunity to make a positive difference in the early education of your child.  Hopefully, we will inspire, encourage, and spark the imagination of your Explorer

                                                ~ Andrea Bennett, Creator & Director of Explorer Educational Programs