Other Notable Classroom Activities


We will be observing woolly bear caterpillars in our classroom.  Students will help prepare a habitat for overwintering them. Hopefully, Explorers    will get to watch an Isabella Tiger moth emerge from a cocoon in the spring.

Character Development

All Explorers will be participating in our Character Development program.  "Jewels and gems" of sorts are being awarded to Explorers displaying > CARING (red), HONESTY (blue), RESPECT  (gold),  and RESPONSIBILITY (green).  Behavior is being observed before class begins, during class, and after class when leaving the building.  Tokens will not be awarded for each single display of character, especially for behavior that is expected from our Explorers by this time in the school year.  Awards will be given at our last day ceremony for the child with the most character development tokens.  Every child in the program will receive recognition for participating in the program.



 Homework will be recognized each week for a job well done.  Homework papers will be displayed weekly in our news corner area.  The children are very proud when they receive this recognition. Criteria used to determine homework: 

  • all pages are complete (sometimes front & back)
  • name is on each page using lowercase letters (uppercase for the first letter of name)
  • colored as directed
  • bonus section completed (if offered)
  • time was taken to complete page
  • directions were followed

Obviously students will need assistance from their parents.  Read the directions aloud.  When finished, check to see if all directions were followed.  Be sure to let your child do the actual work (only assist as needed).  This is a great way to set the precedent for the many years of school homework to come.  To show the importance of homework and ensure quality time, make sure your time together is uninterrupted.


These are special days that the Explorers may bring a pet to class.  The first OR last 10 minutes of class will be used for pets to visit.  All times for pets must be prearranged with Miss Andrea. Days for pets will be available beginning in March.


Throughout the school year parents who would like to participate in our class by teaching or demonstrating something of interest or educational to our Explorers are welcome to arrange a time to come into our classroom.  Some of the things that have been done over the years include ~ hatching eggs with brief embryology intro.; leap year story and project; orchestral instruments demonstrated; live caterpillars for observation of the metamorphosis of a butterfly; ladybug eggs with a story; Earth Day projects - collecting trash, planting trees, water; dinosaur eggs made from soap flakes; St. Patrick's Day craft; Mother's Day gifts; various science experiments. Dates available will depend on the Explorer schedule.  Not every parent is expected to participate.  Projects planned should last no longer than 1 hour.

Hermit Crabs

Vacations for our classroom Hermit crabs - Hercules, Newton, Ebenezer, Google - will be March through May.  Any Explorer may sign up to take one of our Hermit crabs home for one or two days.  Instructions on care, a carry home habitat with all the essentials for crab care, and a logbook will be provided for each crab.  Explorers will earn an extra character token for responsibility and caring when they take home a crab.  A sign-up list will be posted in the news corner sometime in March.

The Explorers' science unit on embryology will begin sometime in April. Our children will have the opportunity to watch as we hatch eggs in our classroom.  A hen and eggs will be provided for us.  This will be a very rewarding, educational experience for our students. Explorers will chart the development of the eggs every three days.