Things We're Learning

Anticipated Science Explorations

Life Science:

  • Insects & Metamorphosis
  • Apples
  • Woolly Bear Study
  • Nature Shelves
  • Magnets
  • Sink or Float

Earth and Space Science:

  • solar system
  • rain collector
  • weather

Physical Science:

  • rainbows
  • making water music
  • light it up!
  • motion hunt; marshmallow launch
  • chemical changes
  • seeing sound
  • sticky, creepy water
  • goo globs of fun - polymers, gels
  • transparent, translucent, opaque

~ Books ~


Matilda the Moocher

The  Grouchy Ladybug

David Goes to School

No, David

Scat the Cat

Hattie the Bad

The Kissing Hand

I Saw a Bullfrog


......and many, many more books!