The Yongens' News

Upcoming Events          Fourth Grade Shines!

                    8/31/10                                                                                                       The Fourth Graders at LCA are really learning

                    3-8 Electricity Assembly                                                                    organization and study skills.  In addition, they 

                    5:00 LCA Volleyball                                                                                are already improving in cursive writing and neat-

                                                                                                         ness.  I am proud to be their teacher!                                                                                                                                                                                 


    First Math Test                                                                                                      

Spelling List #2                                            1. neighbor 6. Redeemer 11. New Jersey 16. decade

  2. minute 7. breathe 12. Georgia 17. definition

                    9/18/10 3. century 8. eighty 13. second 18. weigh

                    First Field Trip 4. reign 9. reduce 14. beige 19. principal

                    (Wear White Polo) 5. people 10. decent 15. autumn 20. believable 

  *Vocabulary: apologize, recognize, gratitude, excellent, utensil


    Science Projects Due

  Fourth Grade Specials


Week 1 The students learned the song,

"Habla un sapo."

Week 2 The students reviewed the song and added new vocabulary 


The students have been working on improvisations and made simple puppets.

Physical Education:

The students have been learning special awareness and running.