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carp terminal tackle

Flexible rotation with the lowest water resistance, strong and durable;
Reduce the entanglement and increase the sensitivity of the line set;
The pulling force value is more than 1 time higher than the ordinary swivel;
The patented design, unique two-color matching. 
Instructions for use
On paper card wholesale fishing tackle

Strong lure snap fishing snap

Number: N9355
Product Name:Fishing snap
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Black nickel, stainless steel

Specification    Pull
0.6*10.8mm    28kg
0.7*13.3mm    32kg
0.8*14mm    35kg

The snap is widened and designed to be more convenient to use. The wire diameter is thicker than the ordinary snap, and the pulling force is stronger;
Made of imported super-strength stainless steel with excellent elasticity;
Resistant to various corrosive forces more than 1 time stronger than common snaps;
Wide range of applications, with double insurance to prevent the accessories from falling off, no hurting to the line.