Week of January 17, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011
 No School - Martin Luther King Day
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 First Day of Class - Introduction and Viewing and Discussion of ppt. Presentation on Classroom Guidelines

dnesday, January 19, 2011

Complete Viewing and Discussion of ppt. on Classroom Guidelines

Provide each student with a notecard where he/she will write about the following:  (1) Why did you take Relationship Matters?  (2)  What do you hope to gain personally from this class?  (3)  What do you believe that you have to offer to others in this class?  Collect notecards and record in gradebook.

Provide students with copies of classroom guidelines which they must sign and date.  Collect signed guidelines and record in gradebook.  They will be returned to students to keep in their binders or folders.

Provide students with copies of Relationship Matters Voluntary Participation.  Have them sign and date the document.  Collect signed documents and record in gradebook.  These will be kept on file. 

Mods 7-8:  Completed Classroom Guidelines ppt. and filled out notecards, Classroom Guidelines, and RM Voluntary Participation.  These must be obtained from the classroom file and turned in to the teacher when completed. 

Mods 9-10:  Did not finish viewing and discussion of Classroom Guidelines.

Mods 11-12:  Did not finish viewing and discussion of Classroom Guidelines.

Thursday, Janaury 20, 2011

All Classes - New students should make sure that they have the following items:  Classroom Guidelines, Note Card, and Relationship Matters Voluntary Participation; complete these forms and turn in to the teacher.

Mods 7-8:  Do "What is Your Name" activity.

Mods 9-10:  Complete viewing and discussion of Classroom Guidelines ppt. and fill out note cards and forms (same as above).

Mods 11-12:  Same as 9-10.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mods 7-8:  Complete "What is Your Name" activity. 

Mods 9-10:  Same as 7-8.

Mods 11-12:  Same as 7-8 and 9-10.

If you are absent today, you do not need to make up this activity.