About Mr. Young

I began my teaching career in 1998. I taught six years at Albert Baxter Elementary School before coming to the Intensive Learning Center in 2004. I earned my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in English at California State University, Long Beach. I earned my teaching credential at Azusa Pacific University.

I am happily married and have two wonderful children. I enjoy golfing, writing, reading, umpiring, and supporting my son's love of baseball and my daughter's passion for rowing.

My early education was guided by a few principles. One that has stuck with me is "One betters himself through education so he can better the world through his actions." I share this with you so that you understand how seriously I take the educational process, but also this: A person will succeed in school if they apply themselves to rigorous, hard work. If one's education comes secondarily to other things (sports, TV, video games, etc.) then the other things will define that person's life and lead them in their decision making. There is nothing wrong with sports, TV, and video games but there is something wrong if those are elevated in importance above a child's education. Besides, how are those things going to make the world a better place? Don't get me wrong. I enjoy sports and TV too, but it is only one part of who we are--not the whole person.

If your child values these other things above his/her education, do something about it! Lead them to an understanding of the importance of their mind. Basically, it comes down to this: Every "thing" in this world can be taken away from us...everything except our mind. You can lose a car, house, toys, clothes, etc., but no one can ever take away your mind or your learning! When everything is stripped away from us, our minds are all we have left.


Mr. Young.