Doing work at home is beneficial to your performance in school. I will only assign homework that will improve your understanding of any given subject matter. Therefore, since I am making an attempt to not waste your time, please do not waste mine. Come to class prepared and on time with homework completed to the best of your ability so that you will be able to contribute to our class in a positive and productive manner. You and your parents can always check assignments on the assignment tab or the calendar. It is also your responsibility to add the homework assignments to your Homework Log.




The grade you earn will be calculated using a total points system. This method is useful because you can calculate your own grade at any time during the year. This is simply done by dividing the total amount of points you have earned by the total amount of points possible.





Due Dates:

Students are expected to submit assigned material during class on the due date. This policy is subject to change only at the discretion of the teacher and will be based on special circumstances stated by the administration, parent, or student. Letter grades will be according to the following scale:





Less than 60=F

Note taking

Note taking is vital to a student’s success; therefore, try to take notes from the textbook, or from me. In some chapters, I will ask for you to take your own notes, and in some chapters I’ll have the section’s notes on the SmartBoard, and you are to copy them down. These notes will be on the chapter test; therefore you can study straight from the notes.

Extra Credit

Extra Credit will be offered throughout the year regularly. It is your decision if you want extra credit to boost up your grades just a little bit. Usually it will be five points. Also, on tests, and assignments, there will possibly be some extra credit.