Apps for your Mobile Device




I didn't know where else to put this, but in today's educational world, I felt these needed to be aded to this list. These are some of the more important apps I have on my phone that I use in school. Explanations have been added where I felt they were nessessary.

  1. Edmodo
  2. Cozi
  3. Evernote
  4. My School Notebook
  5. Learn Free
  6. VLC Remote
    1. This app allows me to run the VLC player in the classroom when I am showing videos. It frees me from being tied to the computer as I can float the classroom and pause the video whenever I need to. It also lets you fast forward, rewind, and adjust volume as needed.
  7. Scanlife
    1. This is a QR reader app that lets me check the codes I place on assignments.
  8. Cozi
  9. Nearpod
    1. Allows you to sync IPads in the classroom.
  10. Common Core
    1. Allows you to access the common core standards anytime, anywhere.
  11. Classdojo
    1. Online class behavior tracker now avaliable for your Smart Phone or I-phone.
  12. Grammaropolis
    1. THis is a reading/phonics based app that the students can use to play a game. It allows for them to increase levels of difficulty as they work along. 
  13. Monster ABC
    1. Monster ABC provides practice with matching beginning sounds of words to letters. Players must spin wheels to place the correct letter next to the picture of a word that begins with the corresponding sound.
  14. ?7 Little Words Adventure
    1. ?7 Little Words Adventures 1 is a great word and puzzle app for children to challenge them as they learn new words.