Mobile Phone Contract

Mobile Device

Classroom Contract

Mobile devices will be used to enrich, expand, and explore in this classroom. Utilizing mobile devices is a privilege that comes with expectations, rules, and consequences. Review the information below, discuss it with your guardian, and mark the choice that is appropriate for your family. Sign and return the bottom portion to your teacher.  

Expectations for usage in the classroom:

  • Mobile devices will be used to connect to the internet for relevant classroom activities
  • Mobile devices will be used to seek information relevant to classroom activities
  • Mobile devices will be used to text discussions to secure, and student-privacy-protected, message boards
  • Mobile devices will be used to text questions to Google Answers and ChaCha Answers

Rules for usage in the classroom:

  • Mobile devices will not be used to text /message for personal and/or social reasons during class
  • Mobile devices will be used responsibly
  • Mobile devices will be used only at times and for purposes directed by the teacher
  • When texting/messaging for classroom purposes, students will only text/message information relevant to the class activity and will refrain from adding extraneous and/or inappropriate information
  • When texting/messaging for classroom activities, student are permitted to use school-appropriate text abbrevia-tions and slang

Consequences for misuse:

Should a student be caught violating the rules above and/or engaging in activities that are obviously inappropriate for mobile phone use in the classroom the following will occur:

1st offense: Warning

2nd offense: Teacher secures phone and contacts parent. Parent must pick up the phone from school.

3rd offense: Student is no longer permitted to use mobile phone in class

Additionally, the teacher reserves the right to ban any student from mobile phone usage in class at any time should the mobile phone misuse be overwhelmingly inappropriate.


GUARDIANS: Mobile phone plans are costly, and this classroom wishes to respect your family’s rules with regards to cell phone ownership and usage. Your student is NOT required to have or use a mobile phone for class; alternative methods will be presented for students who do not have mobile phones and/or wish to refrain from mobile-phone us-age at school. Please fill out the information below regarding your family’s decision about your student’s mobile phone usage at school and have your student return it to his/her teacher.


Please fill out the below and return it to your teacher

I have reviewed the above information and agree to follow the rules for mobile phone usage for my class. I understand that if I fail to follow the above rules, I will receive the consequences listed above.


_________________________________                      _______________________________________

   Printed Student Name                                                        Student Signature and Date

I, the guardian of the student above, make the following choice about my student’s mobile phone usage for class.


 Yes, my student can use his/her phone for class                              No, my student cannot use his/her phone for class

         ____________________________                                                           ________________________________

                 Guardian printed name                                                                 Guardian signature and date