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Scholastic Reading Counts

Take your reading quizes online


Best described by Gradefix, “Gradefix intelligently organizes and prioritizes all of your homework so you are always on top of it.” Students that use Gradefix create a study schedule used to best spreadout and prioritize homework throughout the week in hopes to decrease stress and improve grades.

My Note IT

An online note taking tool for students including a WYSIWYG note editor, assignment reminders, grade management, to do lists, and more. Students can also share notes with friends and receive feedback through commenting on notes.

College Ruled

Academic organizer, class scheduler, and message board area for students. Students can either create a schedule or connect to their Facebook schedule with CollegeRuled and take notes and manage a to do list for each class. Note: I have not been able to test CollegeRuled as it requires an .edu email address.

Write Board

Writeboard is a collaborative writing tool where users can write, share, revise, and compare their documents online with others. It is not an advanced system featuring a WYSIWYG editor, Ajax, and flashy effects, but that’s what I like about it. Writeboard is a personal favorite of mine and as a matter of fact I am using it right now for this very post. It includes version control with text comparing and is great for essays and writeups of any kind.

Lure of the Labyrinth

Your beloved pet's gone missing and you've got to find it - but how? Before you know it, you're dropped into a strange (and extremely smelly) world where your only friend is a mysterious bean-loving girl with wings. She says there are others ... Others? Other pets? Well, there sure are plenty of monsters. They're all over the place, stinking up the joint and forcing you to do crazy jobs - you have to make pet food out of carrots and eyeballs? ICK! How in the world can any of this help you find your pet? And can you come to its rescue ... before it's too late? 

Kids Click!

Kid Safe Educational Search Engine.




Kid Safe Educational Search Engine.


Mighty Book


Stroybooks Online



Children's Digital Library

Book Pop

Web Enhanced Reading Adventures

Garden Webquest

Garden Club Webquest

Grammar Bytes! Grammer Instruction

Learn grammar online