Our Classroom Norms



Dear Families:

We believe that all students should and can behave appropriately in school and that all students have a right to learn without disruption from others. Based on this philosophy, we have established the following plan in our classroom.



1. Verbal Warning

2. Warning : Move clothespin (Blue)

3. Move clothespin and student writes a plan (yellow)

4. Move clothespin, student's plan must be signed and my parents will be contacted (red)

***My Plan- Student will create a plan to help them follow class norms.

***2 Fair Days (2 yellow) or 1 Oops Day (1 red) for the week will result in loss of participation in a special activity on Friday. If student has any missing or incomplete work they will also make it up during this time.

Please keep in mind that students are always given an opportunity to move their clothespin back a color.  We all make mistakes or make the wrong choices sometimes.  In our class, every day is a new day.  Smile

Class Norms

1. Always Follow directions

2. Listen while others are speaking

3. Respect others and their property

4. Be kind and helpful

5. Work cooperatively in groups

6. Clean up after yourself

Praise, encouragement and rewards are an essential positive response to this plan. Consequences for misbehavior include talking with the child to clarify the rule, time out (either in our classroom or another classroom), loss of privileges, note or phone call home, referral to the office, or detention (after school or before school).

We work hard to make our classroom a safe place to learn, work and play.  Please discuss this discipline plan with you child.  Smile