About Child Abuse Reporting

Report Child Abuse/Neglect to Child Protective Services (Virginia- (800) 552-7096, Out-of-state- (804) 786-8536, Hearing-impaired- (800) 828-1120)



A report of suspected child abuse or neglect shall be made immediately to the local department of the county or city

where the child resides, or where the abuse/neglect is believed to have occured. The following people are required by law to report:


1. Licensed to practice medicine or any healing arts

2. Hospital resident or intern, and employed in the nursing profession

3. Employed as a social worker or family-services specialist

4. Probation Officer

5. Teacher or other person employed in a public or private school, kindergarten or nursery school

6. Provides full-time or part-time child care for pay on a regularly planned basis

7. Mental health professionals

8. Law enforcement officer or animal control officer

9. Mediator eligible to receive court referrals

10. Professional staff person, not previously enumerated, eployed by a private or state operated hospital,

institution or facility to which children have been committed or where children have been placed for care or treatment

11. Persons 18 years of age or older associated with or employed by any public or private organization responsible

for the care, custody or control of children

12. Persons who are designated a court-appointed special advocate

13. Any person 18 years of age or older who has received training approved by the Department of Social Services for the purposes of

recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect

14. Any person employed by a local department who determines eligibility for public assistance

15.Emergency medical services provider certified by the Board of Health

16. Atheltic coaches, directors or other person 18 years of age or older employed by or volunteering with a private

sports organization or team

17. Administrator or employees 18 years of age or older of public or private day camps, youth centers and youth recreation

18. Person employed by a public or private institution of higher education other than an attorney who is employed by a public or private instituition of higher education as it

relates to information gained in the course of providing legal representation to a client


The initial report may be made orally but will be put in writing by the child abuse coordinator of the local department. All information about the suspected abuse shall be disclosed upon request, and made available to the child-protective services coordinator and the local department. Any person who makes a report or provides records of information or who testifies in any judicial proceeding arising from such report, records or information shall be immune from any civil or criminal liability or administrative penalty or sanction, unless they acted in bad faith or with malicious purpose. Any person who is required to file a report and fails to do so as soon as possible, but not longer than 24 hours after having reason to suspect a reportable offense of child abuse or neglect, shall be fined not more thatn $500 for the first failure and any subsequent failures not less than $1000. If there is knowledge that a report has already been made to the local department or the toll-free child abuse and neglect line, then the person does not have to file a report.


Job Requirements

Staff members who suspect child abuse will report their suspicion to the director or acting director as soon as possible and then to the appropriate agency while in the director's or acting director's presence. A log of the report as well as the signs observed will be kept in a confidential file seperate from the child's file. Parents will be notified at the director or acting director's discretion after consulting with the CPS investigator. Staff members who report child abuse shall be immune from discharge, retailation, or other disciplinary action. Malicious reports are unethical and unprofessional and will not be condoned. The company requires each employee to complete Recongnizing, Reporting & Respoding for Educators online Child Abuse and Neglect training within the first 30 days of employment.