To Ensure a Well-Run, Purposeful Program Responsive to Participants Needs

There are many goals that I have in the role as a teacher. One of those goals is to provide a sage and loving environment. I begin with providing a positive environment that supports a positive attitude about learning. To do this I maintain a system of checking the classroom for hazards. Children are monitored for unsafe behavior, and redirected when necessary. I plan activities that foster independence, social interactions, creativity and more. To create a loving environment I use gentle tones, positive reinforcement and encouragement to the students. Each parent and child is greeted daily by myself upon arrival and departure. I like to develop a partnership with my families to ensure each child receives the best from each program. Parents are provided with feedback about their child on a daily basis. I am very respectful and honest when discussing behavior issues with a parent, however, I don’t allow it to dominate the conversation. It is important to maintain an open and healthy relationship with the parents.

Another goal that I have is to bring my creativity to work with me every day. I love to be silly with the kids any moment that I am provided. Every child has a touch of creativity and talent, and try to inspire my class to be creative through their work, whether it be; art, writing, reading or dramatic play.

The purpose of my goals are to focus on the needs of the students and make things surrounding them relevant to their world. Children should come to school ready to learn, grow and play. Overall, you need many goals in place to have a successful and well-run program. It is important to continue to seek out resources to help me be successful.