To Maintain a Safe, Healthy Learning Environment

Maintaining a clean and organized classroom is one of the most important things to me. Organization helps me to prepare for the day and maintain a consistent schedule for the students in my care. This also allows for more time to focus on the children’s needs which can prevent accidents. Daily classroom safety checks of the equipment insures a safer learning environment as well. Any items that are at risk for causing safety concerns is promptly removed and replaced. The key to a safe class is being vigilant and attentive to everything from the children to the equipment they play with.

Children in daycare are very susceptible to being sick. They put things in their mouths, touching dirty surfaces, sometimes use the bathroom without proper hand washing among other things. They need proper guidance to ensure their health and safety. I encourage proper hand washing in the classroom to cut down on the spread of germs. When the children arrive as well as throughout the course of the day I observe them for signs of illness or any other concerns that may require a call to the parents. I model proper hand washing and encourage the children to follow the steps to make sure their hands are thoroughly clean. Toys are also cleaned and sanitized daily or as needed. The children are included in some of the process to help establish responsibility and care of the materials.

Providing a clean and safe environment is very important in any child-care environment. There is a realization that not every illness can be prevented but I take all of the necessary steps towards prevention. I attend trainings that will contribute to my knowledge on health and nutrition so that I am able to my job accurately. It is my belief that as teachers it is important for us to educate ourselves and continue to provide excellent care for the little ones we take care of.