60W~90W DM70 AC Motor Roller


■ Product Information

This type of drum motor can be instaled in limited space and meet the torque requirement.Using aly steel grinded gears and planetary transmission structure,it is reliabl,free of maintenance and oil-renewing,space-saving.It can be use in many fields:

●Supermarket cashier
●Packaging machinery
●Belt conveyor line

■ DM70 Characteristics Of Drum Motor

●Drum Shell

•Material of standard drum shell is mild steel•Food garde shell is 304 stainless steel

●Gear Drive

•High alloy steel precision• Planetary gear transmission


•Ensure the transmission with low noise,using the new polymer planet wheel and metal gear transmission


•When 50Hz or 60Hz is used,it can be applied to all kinds of universal voltage•Motor insulation class F•AlI motor with thermal protection•Loose wire,outlet length 0.5M

●Seal Level

•Shaft end use of skeleton oil seal•Drum motor sealing protection level is IP40/IP54


•Before leaving factory,all products is filled will oil in standard amount,so no need of maintenance or oil-renew


•Able to be installed in multiple direction•Able to work with electromagnectic brake,but the length will be longer•Single-phase motor can work with speed control•AII customized requirement can be considered