Zhejiang Zhongxin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd


Our Partner

Zhejiang Zhongxin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd's electromagnetic relay are sold to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Brazil and Hong Kong and Taiwan.Cooperating internationally renowned manufacturers such as: Hangzhou Juhua, Hangzhou Xili, Hangzhou Haixing, Ningbo Samsung, Beijing Bona, Shenzhen Kelu, Jiangsu Linyang,BMW, Mercedes-Benz, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, GM, FORD, HONDA, TESLA, etc.

We have a professional R & D team and rich cooperation experience. We can develop and produce electromagnetic relay based on drawings or samples provided by customers.

We have a complete and self-sufficient supply chain, from enameled wire to castings, all provided by its subsidiaries / business departments.

We have perfect quality control system and advanced production and testing equipment to ensure electromagnetic relay quality.

Our professional team can timely respond to customers' needs in development, procurement, transportation, production and after-sales.