Ms. Zingaro's 5th Grade Page


Students are assessed EVERY Friday on the following; spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar. EACH week students will recieve new spelling lists and vocabulary words for the following week's test EVERY Friday. Therefore, they have a week to study and learn their words and should be recieving adequate grades in these areas each week if they are studying. Every week we focus on a particular skill and all homework that is given reinforces the comprehension skill, vocab words, spelling words, and grammar skill for that specific week. Students are also expected to read 20 minutes daily as part of their Language Arts homework and obtain their AR Goal by the end of each quarter (their goals will be communicated with you each quarter). 


Students are currently in Unit 12. The following skills are expected to be mastered by the end of this Unit: Test Thursday March 21st 


Unit 12 What to know:


  • Metric System Conversion

    Here is a memory tool to help you remember how to convert among units in the metric system


    King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk

    This is a visual representation of the units from largest to smallest. Use this to help you move the decimal when converting units







meter, liter or gram





  • Factor Trees & Prime Factorization (Review)


Prime Factorization = 2 x 3 x 3


                  /  /

               6    3

            /  /

           2  3





  • Probability Trees


  • Ratios of Parts to Whole

 The following are Math and Reading Websites that are EXTREMELY beneficial in helping your child succeed in the 5th grade Math and Reading curriculum. Below each website, you will find a brief description about the contents of each site. Encouraging your child to partake in 20 minutes on any of the following sites a few days a week will really help to make a difference in their overall progress this year!

Excellent Math Resource! It will allow your child to practice 5th grade Math skills for 20 minutes daily. It will help to reinforce skills that are taught in class.

This site has weekly spelling words that students can practice at home by, taking tests, playing games, review flash cards of words, or printing out spelling worksheets to practice writing out their spelling words. There is also a list of Math Vocabulary words students can practice that are expected of students to know by the end of the year.

This is an EXCELLENT website to practice Ohio Achievement Test questions. These questions are extremely similiar to what students will see on their OAA's. There is a practice section for both Math & Science. Click on the number of questions you would like to answer then either click on Math 5 or Science 5 to start practicing for the test.

Practice your Fact Fluency Here! Includes Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division Practice.

Practice Math Word Problems on this Site.

Inferring Practice

5th Grade Skill Builder in Language Arts & Math

Read 5th Grade Text & Answer Questions

Self-Checking Math Quizzes