Success on the First day

       According to the book, "What you do on the first days of school will determine your success or failure for the rest of the year," (Wong 3). With that being say the first day of school should set the basis for the expectations for the rest of the year. The first day should set up rules, expectations, and procedures for the year, as well as practice these procedures. Students should come into class, be directed to their assigned seats, begin working on a warm-up, and then the rest of the class should be for going over and practicing rules and procedures. Many teachers often think it is a good idea to start off the first day of class with a fun activity in groups that will make the students like the teacher, but in reality this just starts bad habits. The Students want and need to be provided explicit expectations that will insure order in the classroom at all times. I for example have experienced a classroom that obviously had not had a very good "First Day of School" and the entire class was a mess and no rules could be enforced. If the teacher had followed the correct procedures for the first days of class and was very consistent, then her class would have likely been much different. It is also a good idea to script the first day of school so that he/she already know exactly how the day will go, otherwise complications could come up much more easily. As a future middle school science teacher it would not be a good idea to start off class with a fun crazy science experiment. I will have to make sure my students know all the procedure for class as well as those that deal with being in a science class, such as safety procedures. Every teacher wants a well-managed classroom and this must start on "The First Days Of School."