Effective Teacher

       According to Harry and Rosemary Wong there are three main characteristics of an Effective teacher. First a teacher must have positive expectations, be a good classroom manager, and finally teach for the mastery of a lesson. According to Wong on page 11, " Having positive expectations simply means that the teacher believes in the learner and that the learner can learn." Students performed based on what is expected and having low expectations will lead to low results. Classroom management is the second characteristic of an effective teacher. Classrooms run just like a business and in order to have a successful business it must be managed properly to succeed. In order to have a well-managed classroom a teacher must maintain order by practicing and enforcing rules and procedures. The last characteristic of an effective teacher is being able to teach mastery of the lessons. It is not enough for a teacher to just stand up in front of the class and deliver a lesson. An effective teacher will design lessons that will teach in a way that best facilitates learning, be able to deliver these lessons in an effective manner, and also be able to effectively assess how the class is doing. According to Wong on page 13, "Students success in the subject matter of the class depends on how well the teacher designs the lessons and checks for mastery." An example of an effective teacher is one that is positive and up-beat, runs a well managed classroom, and creates lessons that engage and encourage learning as well as assesses them along the way. In my future science classroom I must make sure i do not just stand in front of the class and lecture, I cannot allow my class to be poorly managed, and I also will have positive expectations of every student and the class as a whole.