Well-Managed Classroom

       Probably the most important concept on this website is how to have a well-managed classroom. On page 80, Wong states clearly that, "The most important factor governing student learning is Classroom Management," and " The least important factor is the demographics of the student body." Oftentimes people blame demographics for poor student achievement, which is not the case in most instances. In the book Wong lists 4 main characteristics of a well-managed classroom: (1). Students are deeply involved in their work, (2). Students know what is expected of them and a generally successful, (3). There is relatively little waste of time, confusion, or disruption, and (4). The climate of the classroom is work-oriented but relaxed and pleasant. In a well-managed classroom the teacher has a well-practiced set of rules and procedures, is consistent, has high expectations, and provides a warm and inviting environment. In a classroom I observed a teacher with an extremely poorly managed classroom. No rules were ever enforced, the teacher was not friendly, she had zero expectations, and never got to know her students. The class was a zoo and students never got on task or listened to this teacher at all. Classroom management should be the number one priority of every teacher; otherwise his/her classrooms will be a madhouse.