Have Your Classroom Ready

       Being prepared is a very important part of most things in life and the classroom is no exception. On page 89 of The First Days of School Harry and Rosemary Wong state, "Don't be ineffective   you and your students will pay for it," and part of being effective is having your classroom ready. Effective teachers have their room ready; their materials ready, and have themselves ready. I know for me when I am going to speak in front of a class i must be completely ready or my presentation will not go very well at all. A teacher must have everything prepared for class ahead of time so that he/she is not fumbling around trying to look for things. A teacher must also have desks aligned properly; have a positive and inviting environment, and make sure things are working properly. The teacher also must prepare his/herself for the day. The teacher must know the material, have it scripted out if necessary, and be mentally in a good mindset. The book uses a good analogy on page 91, by comparing a classroom to a restaurant. I have worked at many and know that everything must be prepared and ready ahead of time or things can go catastrophically wrong in an instant. I know that I will need to be extremely prepared at first and being in a science class means that I have lots of scientific equipment that will also need to be ready.