Teach Students To Follow Procedures

       The key to having a well-managed classrooms starts with teaching students to follow procedure. On page 165 Wong says, "Effective teachers teach students how to responsibly follow procedures. Ineffective teachers use controlling tactics to coerce the students into compliance." In a sense classroom management is just making procedures and enforcing them. Procedures are the expectations that the teacher has for his/her students and the classroom as a whole. Procedures allow many things to be going on at once without complete chaos. If a student already knows what is expected of them then they are more likely to stay on task. In the book there are three main steps to enforcing procedures. First the teacher must explain the procedure and that they are for the benefit of the class as whole. Secondly the teacher must have the students rehearse these procedures over and over until they can do them without thinking. Lastly the teacher must always reinforce them as the year goes on. For example when Brooke brought in a video of her mothers classroom, then students knew exactly what was expected of them and could actually recite the procedures word for word.  In my classroom I know that I will have to begin teaching my procedures right away. In a science class I know I could potentially be working with some dangerous things and it will be extremely important that all of my student know and can follow my procedures. It seems trivial but as I have come to learn, procedures can make or break a teacher.