Self-Paced Goals

Pick a skill you want to work on. Then, create a goal that you can accomplish by the end of class for that skill. Your goal should be havign you practice a skill you actually need to still accomplish. If you already read hiragana, a goal to study the hiragana would not be a good goal!

In order to get credit for working on your goal, you must also submit evidence of your goal.



Create a goal where you practice reading and comprehending whole sentences, paragraphs and/or stories.

Ex. "I will read the story Kasajizo and write a summary of the story in English."

Ex. "I will read a news article from the website News Web Easy and create a short quiz with questions and answers about the reading."



Create a goal where you practice writing sentences, paragraphs and/or stories by writing and submitting on Canvas.

Ex. "I will write and draw a 2-page manga in Japanese about the character's school life."

Ex. "I will write a 300 character blog entry about my weekend in Japanese."



Create a goal where you practice listening comprehension skills by listening to Japanese music, TV or movies without subtitles (only Japanese subtitles are OK).

Ex. "I will watch an episode of Doraemon in Japanese without subtitles and write a summary in English about what happens."

Ex. "I will get a 100% on Hard mode for the song Pon Pon Pon on LyricsTraining."



Create a goal where you practice speaking with a partner who has the same goal by recording and submitting on Canvas.

Ex. "(Another student) and I will speak in Japanese and submit a recording of our conversations."

Ex. "I will create a Youtube-style vlog talking about something important to me in Japanese."



Study the characters we’ve most recently learned or that you need to review through Flashcards, Quizlet, DuoLingo, LingoDeer, Anki, Memrise, etc. And then submit proof of what you've done.

"Ex. I will complete the Time lessons on DuoLingo by the end of class."