Chapter Questions

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief 

Chapter 1 Questions

  1. What kind of school is Yancy Academy ?
  2. What bad experiences has Percy had on past field trips?
  3. Why can’t Percy get back at Nancy when she starts teasing Grover on the bus?
  4. Why doesn’t Percy get along with Mrs. Dodds?
  5. When do you first suspect that something may be unusual/supernatural about Mrs. Dodds?
  6. In the story about the gods and titans, who was Kronos and what happened to him after the gods defeated him?
  7. Why does Percy get angry at Mr. Brunner? How would you have felt in his position?
  8. What do you learn about Percy’s home life as he’s watching the taxis on Fifth Avenue?
  9. How does Percy get in trouble with Mrs. Dodds? Do you think it’s his fault?
  10.  How have things changed when Percy returns to the front steps of the museum?

Chapter 2 Questions

  1. Why does Percy think the whole school is playing a trick on him?
  2. Why does Percy decide to study for the Latin exam even though he’s given up on his other subjects?
  3. What leads Percy to believe that Grover and Mr. Brunner think he’s in danger?
  4. After the Latin test, what do you think Mr. Brunner was trying to say to Percy? Why does Percy react angrily to Mr. Brunner’s words?
  5. How does Percy say he’s different than the other kids at Yancy Academy?
  6. Why does Percy tell Grover he’s a really bad liar?
  7. What responsibility does Grover claim to have, and why does this strike Percy as strange?
  8. How do Percy and Grover end up on the side of the highway?
  9. How does Grover react when Percy tells him about the yarn-cutting?
  10. What does Percy think the yarn-cutting means? Does Grover seem to agree or not?

Chapter 3 Questions

  1. Why does Percy leave Grover at the bus station? What would you have done in his place?
  2. Percy says “the best people get the rottenest luck.” How does this apply to his mom?
  3. Describe Gabe.
  4. Why doesn’t Percy tell his mom the truth about Mrs. Dodds and the ladies at the fruit stand?
  5. How does Percy get even with Gabe as they’re loading up the Camaro?
  6. Why is Montauk special to Percy’s mom?
  7. Why does Percy’s mom eat blue food, and why does Percy love this about her?
  8. What knew information does Percy learn about his dad as he and his mother are roasting marshmallows?
  9. Describe Percy’s dream. What do you think it means?
  10. How does the title of the chapter, “Grover Unexpectedly Loses His Pants,” come true?

Chapter 4 Questions

1. What does Percy say that insults Grover?

2. According to Grover, who is after Percy?

3. What happens to make the car crash?

4. What does Percy's mom tell him to do when they get out of the car and why does Percy disobey?

5. What does Percy find strange about the bull-man's appearance?

6. What happens to Percy's mother?

7. Why does Grover keep attracting the monster's attention?

8. After the monster disintegrates, what gets Percy moving when all he wants to do is collapse?

9. What's the last thing Percy remembers?

10. Take a guess: Who is the "familiar face" that Percy thinks he sees?

Chapter 5 Questions

1. What does the blond girl ask Percy as she's feeding him pudding?

2. What is strange about the man who is guarding Percy as he sleeps?

3. Why does Grover say he retrieved the Minotaur horn?

4. How does Percy feel after he tries the strange drink?

5. As he's gazing out from the front porch, what surprises Percy about the summer camp?

6. Describe Mr. D. Anticipate: Will he be a hero or a villain? Why?

7. What does Percy find striking about Annabeth's appearance?

8. What clues help Percy guess Mr. D's identity?

9. What evidence does Chiron use to prove that the Greek gods are in America?

10. According to Chiron, what is the big question that everyone wants answered? Take a guess: what's the answer?

Chapter 6 Questions

1. What does Percy noticed about the farm house as he walks away from it? What bothers him about the attic?

2. Why does Percy feel guilty about Grover getting in trouble?

3. Why do you think Percy asks Chiron about the Underworld? He says: "The beginnings of an idea – a tiny, hopeful fire – started forming in my mind." What does he mean?

4. Based on the description, what Greek god is cabin three dedicated to?

5. Why is Annabeth upset with Percy after they leave Cabin Eleven?

6. How does Annabeth know that Percy is "one of us"?

7. Percy says the big girl from the Ares cabin reminds him of Nancy Bobofit. Is Clarisse like Nancy? Why or why not?

8. Why doesn't Percy want Annabeth's help when he gets into the fight with Clarisse?

9. What happens to Clarisse and her friends in the bathroom?

10. How does this incident change Annabeth's attitude toward Percy?

Chapter 7 Questions

1. Who are Annabeth's parents?

2. What does it mean to be "undetermined"?

4. Why are some kids summer campers and others year-'rounders? Which would you rather be?

5. What do the beads mean on Annabeth's necklace?

6. Why is Annabeth frustrated when she and Percy talk about quests?

7. Why does Luke feel bitter?

8. Why does Percy ask for a blue Coke at dinner?

9. What does Percy wish for as he puts his dinner into the fire?

10. In what way does Percy feel different once he gets to the bonfire?

 Chapter 8 Questions


    1. Why are the counselors having a hard time deciding who Percy’s Olympian parent is?

    2. How does Percy surprise everyone during his first sword class? How do you think he was able to do this?

    3. According to Grover, why did the “Big Three” gods swear never to have any more children?

    4. Why does the story about Thalia make Percy feel “hollow and guilty”?

    5. In capture-the-flag, why does Percy feel like he’s being left out of the action?

    6. How does Percy manage to overcome the kids from Ares’s cabin?

    7. What was Annabeth’s plan to win the flag?

    8. Why does Annabeth make Percy stand in the water?

    9. What does Chiron say about how the hellhound got into camp?

    10. When you find out Percy’s true identity, are you surprised or did you see it coming? What clues were given earlier in the book?

  •  Chapter 9 Questions

    1. Why does Percy feel miserable once he gets his own cabin?
    2. Based on the newspaper article Percy finds under his door, what is happening in the real world while Percy is in camp?
    3. What is the master bolt?
    4. Why does Zeus think Percy stole the bolt?
    5. Why can’t the gods retrieve the bolt themselves?
    6. What bothers Percy about the Oracle’s prophecy?
    7. According to Chiron, what evidence suggests that Hades stole the lightning bolt?
    8. Why does Percy have to travel overland?
    9. What will happen on the summer solstice if the lightning bolt is not returned?
    10. What is unusual about the storm that moves in over camp?

Chapter 10 Questions

  1. Who is Argus and why can he never be surprised?
  2. What gift does Luke give to Percy? Why can’t Percy use them?
  3. What special properties does Riptide have?
  4. What is Mist?
  5. What are some of the reasons Annabeth gives for why Poseidon and Athena don’t get along?
  6. According to Grover, why did Percy’s mom marry Gabe?
  7. Percy says he’s not going on the quest to retrieve the lightning bolt. What’s his real reason for going?
  8. How does Percy sneak to the front of the bus?
  9. Why doesn’t Percy leave the bus when he has the chance?
  10. How do Percy, Grover and Annabeth lose their luggage?

Chapter 11

  1. Why is Annabeth upset with Percy for risking his life on the bus?
  2. What does Aunty Em look like when she opens the door?
  3. How does Percy explain why he went into the garden gnome emporium? Does this explanation make sense to you?
  4. Why does Grover start to get nervous at the emporium? (There are several reasons)
  5. How can you tell that Percy isn’t thinking straight after he eats his meal?
  6. Did you guess Aunty Em’s true identity before Percy did? If so, what clues gave her away?
  7. Why does Annabeth say they have to kill Medusa? Why can’t they just run away?
  8. Medusa’s head doesn’t disintegrate along with the rest of her. Why not?
  9. What important information does Percy find in Medusa’s office?
  10. Why do you think Percy sends Medusa’s head to Mount Olympus? Do you think this is a good idea?

Chapter 12

  1. Why does Grover want a searcher’s license?
  2. Why does Grover’s dream sound so hopeless to Percy?
  3. What new information do you learn about Grover’s past and how it relates to Annabeth?
  4. According to Grover, why did Percy mail Medusa’s head to Mount Olympus?
  5. Describe the place Percy sees in his dream.
  6. What terrible realization does Percy make toward the end of the dream? What does the voice want from him?
  7. Who do think is talking to Percy in the dream? Who is this voice from the pit?
  8. Who is Gladiola?
  9. What is Grover’s plan to get money for the trip?
  10. If you were offered the choice in Percy’s dream – to save your own parent’s life or complete your quest and prevent a terrible war – what would you choose?

Chapter 13

1.      Why does Percy try to keep a low profile on the train?

2.      What new information does Annabeth tell us about her father in this chapter?

3.      Annabeth says a couple of unexpected friends took care of her when she ran away from home. Any guesses who these might be? Why?

4.      Why does Percy laugh when Annabeth tells him what she wants to be?

5.      What magic item does Hades have? What are its powers?

6.      Describe the Chimera.

7.      Echidna says Percy should feel honored to be killed by her. Why?

8.      What is Percy’s “fatal mistake” while battling the Chimera?

9.      Why does Percy decide he has no choice but to jump? What would you have done in his place?

10.  How would the battle have been different if there were no mortal spectators in the Arch?

Chapter 14

  1. When he lands in the Mississippi River, what does Percy realize that amazes him?
  2. Why does Percy feel ashamed that Poseidon saved him?
  3. What message does the woman in the water bring to Percy? What is her warning?
  4. What does Percy learn by overhearing the reporters outside the Arch?
  5. What happened to the family that was in the Arch with Percy?

Chapter 15

1.      What is Iris-messaging? How does it work?

2.      Why does Annabeth want to leave as soon as Luke appears in the mist?

3.      Luke says: “Tell Grover it’ll be better this time! Nobody will get turned into a pine tree . . .” What does this tell you about Grover’s past?

4.      What does Ares say that convinces Percy to help him?

5.      According to Annabeth, how does Hephaestus deal with his wife and Ares having an affair?

6.      Grover doesn’t smell any monsters at the Thrill Ride O’ Love, even though it’s a trap. Why is that?

7.      Why can’t Annabeth help Percy when they get trapped in the pool?

8.      How does Annabeth put her knowledge of physics to work on the water ride?

9.      How does Grover save the day?

10.  At the end of the chapter, whom do you think Percy is angrier with – Hephaestus or Ares? Why?

Chapter 16

  1. What’s in the backpack Ares gives Percy? If you were him, would you have accepted this gift?
  2. What news does Ares give Percy about his mom?
  3. Annabeth says Percy wasn’t smart to anger Ares. Was Percy right to talk back to him? Why or why not?
  4. What do the beads mean on Annabeth’s necklace?
  5. Percy says that Annabeth should write her father a letter. What would you advise her to do?
  6. Percy’s dream has three different parts – what does he see in each scene?
  7. How does Grover make sure the animals will be safe after they are released?
  8. Percy, Grover and Annabeth are attracted to different types of games at the Lotus Casino. What does each one like, and what does this tell you about their personality?
  9. When does Percy start to realize the casino is a trap?
  10. How does Percy snap Annabeth out of her trance?

Chapter 17

  1. How does Annabeth pay for the trip to Los Angeles?
  2. Annabeth seems worried when they discuss the voice from the pit. Percy thinks she has an idea what it might be. Do you have any guesses?
  3. Who is the spirit in the sea? What does she give to Percy?
  4. Why is Annabeth uneasy about the gifts Percy received?
  5. According to Percy, how is L.A. different from New York?
  6. Why doesn’t Riptide work on the kids who jump Percy in the alley?
  7. What does Crusty do to his customers?
  8. Why can’t Percy simply fight Crusty?
  9. How does Percy trick the giant?
  10. How does Percy find the address for the Underworld?

Chapter 18 Questions

  1. Why does the DOA security guard get annoyed with Percy?
  2. How does Charon realize Percy and his friends are not really dead?
  3. How does Percy finally convince Charon to take them into the elevator?
  4. What does the River Styx look like? Why does it look this way?
  5. Describe the entrance to the Underworld.
  6. If you were standing in that line, would you rather choose EZ Death and go straight to Asphodel, or risk being judged for your actions on earth?
  7. What is Percy’s plan to get past Cerberus? Why doesn’t it work?
  8. How does Annabeth save them? Why is she able to do this?
  9. What does Percy realize about monsters at the end of the chapter?
  10. Do you feel sorry for Cerberus? Would you have risked playing fetch with him, if you were Annabeth?