7th Grade Final Exam Study Guide

Below you will find the final exam schedule along with a study guide for the final exam four our class.  Should you have any questions or concerns, speak to me in class or e-mail me at mzunzunegui@dadeschools.net.



DateBlock Administering FinalScheduled Blocks
MondayJune 7, 20102 & 41,2,4
TuesdayJune 8, 20101 & 31,3
WednesdayJune 9, 20105 & 61,5, 6
ThursdayJune 10, 2010Make-Ups for  All Blocksnone

Dismissal is at 1:45  and students will not have book bags.

7th Grade Language Arts

Final Exam Study Guide


1.       What is a proper noun?

2.       What is a common noun?

3.       What is a concrete noun? 

4.       What is an abstract noun?

5.       What is an adjective? 

6.       What is a pronoun? 

7.       Write a sentence and underline the complete subject.

8.       Write a sentence and underline the complete predicate.

9.       Write a sentence and underline the simple subject.

10.   Write a sentence and underline the simple predicate.

11.   What are the four types of sentences?  What type of punctuation do they end with?

12.   What is a fragment? 

 Literary Terms

13.   Write a definition for each literary term and give an example:

a.       Internal conflict

b.      External conflict

c.       Setting

d.      Point of view

e.      Simile

f.        Metaphor

g.       Personification

h.      Theme

i.         Anthropomorphism

j.        Onomatopoeia


14.   What is the first paragraph of an essay called?

15.   What is a thesis statement?  Where is it found?

16.   What are the paragraphs that support your thesis called?

17.   What is a conclusion paragraph? 

18.   What types of essays are their?  Give an example of a topic for each one.

  Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

19.  The gods gained control of the universe after winning a war against the ________. 

20.  Describe Kronos. Who were his children and what did he do to them? 

21.  Zeus was married to ______________________. 

22.  This goddess was born from Zeus’ head. 

23.  Looking into this woman’s eyes can turn a person to stone.

Write down each deities sphere of influence:

24.  Zeus

25.  Ares  
26.  Hades  
27.  Poseidon  
28.  Hermes  
29.  Aphrodite  
30.  Athena  
31.  Dionysus  
32.  Hephaestus  
33.  Hera 

 34.  Describe Yancy Academy. 

35.  Describe Grover.

36.  Describe Mr. Brunner

37.  Why does Dionysus work as Camp Half Blood’s director? 

38.  Mrs. Dodd’s, Percy’s math teacher, is actually a ____________. 

39.  While in Montauk with his mother, Percy has a dream about an eagle and a horse fighting.  What do the animals symbolize?  

40.  Why do year-rounders stay at Camp Half Blood all year?

41.  What is an oracle?

42.  Aunty Em is actually _____________________. 

43.  Annabeth’s mother is __________________. 

44.  Why is Annabeth angry at her father? 

45.  Describe Clarisse.

46.   Who is Luke’s father? 

47.  What does Grover dream of becoming?

48.  What can Percy do when he is under water?

49.  Percy, Grover and Annabeth try to communicate with Chiron at Camp Half-Blood by IMing him.  What is IMing? 

50.  What magic gift does Luke give Percy before they leave on their quest?

51.  Who is the big, tattooed biker who buys Percy, Annabeth and Grover lunch at a diner?

52.  What does the biker want them to retrieve at the water park? 

53.  Describe the Lotus Hotel and Casino.  How long are Percy, Grover and Annabeth there? 

54.  What does the sea spirit at the bottom of the Mississippi river warn Percy about? 

55.  Who gives Percy, Annabeth and Grover a gift of a backpack with clothes, money and food? 

56.  DOA Recording Studios is actually _______________________. 

57.  Who is Charon?

58.  How are Percy, Grover and Annabeth able to get through into the Under World? 

59.  The river that leads to the Under World is the __________________. 

60.   Cerberus is ___________________. 

61.  The place in the Under World where people who have done good things in their lives go is ________________________. 

62.  The winged sneakers cause Grover to _______________________. 

63.  Percy, Grover and Annabeth hear an evil voice coming from ____________. 

64.  Why do Annabeth, Percy and Grover avoid Persephone’s garden?  What happens if you eat food from Hades? 

65.  Describe Hades and his palace. 

66.  What does Hades accuse Percy of stealing? 

67.  What does Percy discover in his back pack while talking to Hades? 

68.  Who does Percy decide to leave in the Under World? 

69.  Why does Percy fight Ares? 

70.  Who does Percy meet at the top of the Empire State Building? 

71.  Who is responsible for returning Percy’s mother? 

72.   What is in the package Percy leaves for his mother? What does she do with it?

73.  What does Annabeth decide to do at the end of the summer? 

74.  What does Grover do at the end of the summer?

75.  What is painted on Percy’s end of the year bead? 

76.  Who does Percy discover has betrayed him, as the Oracle warned? 

77.  What almost kills Percy on his last day of camp? 

78.  In what way does the book come full circle at the end?