Final Exam Essay

Final Essay Exam

Choose one of the following topics.  Your essay must be at least 4 paragraphs in length and have an introduction and conclusion.  Be sure to check for correct grammar and spelling.  You may type your essay, or write it neatly by hand. 

Due Dates: 

Blocks:  Due Date:
 1&3 Wednesday, June 2
 2,4 & 6 Thursday, June 3

1.      Percy gets upset with his mother because she puts up with Smelly Gabe, yet he is proud of her because she is so kind and loving, and because she does have a little bit of a rebellious streak.  Do you find Sally Jackson a strong character? Does she stand up for herself? Does she stand up for her son?  Do you think she makes the right decision about Smelly Gabe in the end? 

2.      In your studies of Greek mythology and the novel, you have learned a lot about the Greek gods and goddesses.  If you could choose to be any god or goddess, which would it be?  Why?  Be specific and provide examples. Your response should show that you have deep knowledge about this mythological character.

3.      Difficult family relationships are one of the themes of the novel.  Think of the experiences that some of the characters in this novel have with their parents.  How are these experiences hard on the characters?  How do their feelings toward their parents affect the characters' actions and choices?  How is this similar to the experiences that kids have in reality?