History 9A, Assignment Seven, After Rome

Assignment Seven
After Rome

Deadline, Oct. 29, 80 points

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What happened to Europe and the Mediterranean region after Rome fell?


The keep at Porchester Castle, England


After Rome fell, the western world changed. The old order collapsed, and local lords took control-as best they could. There were simply too many changes to cover them all, but we will look at a few.


During this lesson, students will evaluate and explain the key factors that affected European changes after the fall or Rome


Select two of the following questions. Create a well written essay of two or three paragraphs to each question.


  1. How did the rapid expansion of Islam affect the Middle East, southwest Asia, northern Africa and Europe from about 600 to 800 A.D.?
  2. What factors made Charlemagne such a pivotal figure in Europe?
  3. How did the feudal system develop? What were its strengths and weaknesses?
  4. What were the origins of the Crusades? How did they affect Europe? How did they affect the Middle East? 





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Early Islamic Conquests
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