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The Princess Bride is 35 years old!

Hear Mandy Patinkin tell his story and whisper his famous line by clicking on the picture below.

Inigo Montoya




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Beware the Superlative Demon!

Oldest, best, most, first, worst
– you get the idea.

We live in a society obsessed with extremes. Not only can this focus thwart deeper learning, it can cause us to misunderstand and ignore some very, very important facts and truths.

PowerPoint about the Rise of Rome
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    Number, Name   Links   Deadline
The Course Assessment   Quiz Star   August 27
One, Our Earliest Records and Migration Theories   Click here   Sept. 1
Two, Early River Civilizations   Click here   TBA
Three, Jerusalem   Click here   Sept. 16
Four, Classical Greece   Click here   Oct. 13
Five, The Rise of Christianity   Click here   TBA
Six, Rome and its Influecne   Click here   TBA
Seven, The Middle Ages to the Reformatoin   Click here   Nov. 20





Journal Items

Remember -

  • We read and summarize a reading selection for your journal every day.
  • You will submit your journal entries from each week Friday. Please, submit only the items for that week each Friday.
  • You will keep your journal entries on 8 1/2" x 11" three hole punch paper.
  • When your journal entries are returned, keep them in your class binder.

The links to the journal entries we use for each day are found in the right hand column of this table. There are also extra copies of the articles from each day in the blue out box.

If you want to see an example of how your journals should be formatted, click here.

To view the PowerPoint about plagiarism and journal entries we used at the beginning of class, click here.

Weekly Vocabulary

For the week ending 9/4

  • Plaquette
  • Concentric
  • Contravene
  • Ipso Facto
  • Macabre

For the week ending 9/11

  • N/A

For the week ending 9/18

  • N/A

For the week ending 9/25

  • Stent
  • Stickler
  • Coda
  • Scuttle
  • Space Race
  • Defunct




For the week ending Nov. 6
11/02 Dog DNA
11/03 No Article, Election Day
11/04 Election Results
11/05 Tropical Storm Eta
11/06 Rare Sword

For the week ending Nov. 13
11/09 Biden Speech
11/10 Novavax Research



Link to the Daily Article

For the week ending 9/4
8/27 Early Art in Jersey
8/31 Historic Black Chuch in Williamsburg
9/01 Among Other Things
9/2 Bronze Age Bones
9/03 Bog Body Bones Deteriorating
9/04 Mummified Animals

For the week ending 9/11
9/08 Looking for Cleopatra's Tomb

9/09 Disney Princess Study
9/10 California and Oregon Fires
9/11 Information about 9/11 Attacks

For the week ending Sept. 18
9/14 Youth E-cig Use Down
9/15 Ice Age Bear
9/16 Hurricane Sally
9/17 Blue Moon
9/18 Holocaust Knowledge Survey

For the week ending Sept. 25
9/21 Ginsburg Obituary
9/22 Ancient Footprints
9/23 WWI Sub Possibly Located
9/24 New Moon May Be Space Junk
9/25 Oregon Mask Mandate

For the week ending Oct. 16
10/13 Barrett Hearings Begin
10/14 Williamsburg Excavation
10/15 Feral Hog in E. Idaho
10/16 Fossilized Footprints in N.M.

For the week ending Oct. 23
10/19 August Derecho

10/20 Challenge COVID Tests Near
10/21 Spacecraft Reaches Asteroid
10/22 COVID Medical Costs

For the week ending Oct. 30
10/26 Early Voting
10/27 Barrett Confirmed
10/28 Clovis Finds Dated

10/29 Sarcophogi Discovery
10/30 Brief Halloween History

For the week ending Nov. 6
11/02 Dog DNA
11/03 No Article, Election Day
11/04 Election Results
11/05 Tropical Storm Eta
11/06 Rare Sword

For the week ending Nov. 13
11/09 Biden Speech
11/10 Novavax Research
11/11 History of Veterans Day
11/12 Religious Discrimination
11/13 Friday the 13th, history

For the week ending Nov. 20
11/16 Hurricane Iota
11/17 COVID Vaccine
11/18 Luther's 95 Theses, points 85-91
11/19 Secret Sister
11/20 New York Journal, 1733