Social Studies 7A, Packet Four, Northern and Western Europe

Packet Four
Northern and Western Europe
Deadline 10/12

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What are the physical and political characteristics of Northern and Western Europe?

How has the post war era influenced this region?

Castle Neuschwanstein

Castle Neuschwanstein






Northern and Western Europe has been rebuilt since the end of WWI. This is the home to Poland, Germany, and the Low Countries. For this packet we will explore some of they key issues and geography of the region.


The purpose of this packet is develop student familiarity with the region's geography and recent history.

Essential questions

  1. What wss the Iron Curtain? Describe its end.
  2. How has the European Union changed the ways these nations interact? How might in change in the future?
  3. How have these nations been influenced by the Roman Empire?
  4. What are these nations doing to combat terrorism?
  5. What are the most obvious variations in physical geography for these nations?
  6. How have people used the land in these countries to support large populations?

Special instructions

Follow the directions on the parts of the printed packet you will receive. Please read them carefully, and submit all your work together on the due date.



Printed files

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Online files

Close up map of France.

Physical maps of Germany 1, 2

The Iron Curtain

Physical map of Poland

Map of Belgium

Map of the Netherlands

Roman influence in the modern world

EU response to terrorism

Issues facing the EU

Modern-day influences of the Roman Republic and Empire.

More modern-day influences of the Romans - video

A brief history of the European Union

The short video we used in class about the European Union

The home page for the European Union

In class work