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Introduction to European geography

CIA political map of Europe

CIA World Factbook

Nations Online Map of Australia

Political Map of S. Europe

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Norwegian Stave Church

Norwegian Stave Chuch, Micha Reiser, 2010.


You must put both names on assignments.

Online Maps

The British Isles - 1, 2, 3



Click on the thumbnail map below to access a
full - size map of Southern Europe.

Thumbnail map of Southern Europe

Click on the thumbnail below to view a map of the world's time zones.

Time Zone Thumbnail

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Southern Europe





Packets and other assignments

    Number, Name   Links   Deadline
   The Course Assessment   Quiz Star   As announced
   Parent Letter   Click here.   Aug. 25
   Packet One - Geography Essentials   Click here.   As announced
   Packet Two - The United Kingdom   Click here.   Sept. 14
   Notebook Check One   Click here.   Sept. 9
   Packet Three - The United Nations   Click here.   See assignments
   Packet Four - Northern and Western Europe   Click here.   Oct. 12
   Packet Five - Scandinavia   Click here.   Oct. 20
  Notebook Check Two   Click here.   Oct. 26
  Packet Six - Southern Europe   Click here.   TBA
  Packet Seven - Australia   Click here.   11/15
  Packet Eight - The Pacific Islands of Oceania   Click here.   11/18


Unit Reading & Support Materials

Unit One

Unit Two


Unit Three

Unit Four

Unit Five

Unit Six

Unit Seven

Australia Georgaphy



Journal Items

Remember -

  • We evaluate a current event or fact piece about one of our topics here every day. You will keep a journal with your entries in it.
  • You will submit your journal entries from each week Friday. Please, submit only the items for that week each Friday.
  • You will keep your journal entries on 8 1/2" x 11" three hole punch paper.
  • When your journal entries are returned, keep them in your class binder.
  • You are required to evaluate every piece of art we use. This includes days you may be absent.

The links to the journal entries we use for each day are found in the right hand column of this table. 

If you want to see an example of how your journals should be formatted, click here.

Weekly Vocabulary

For the week ending 8/26

  • Genome

For the week ending 9/02

  • Kinetic
  • Autonomous
  • Kibbutz

For the week ending 9/23

  • Abbey
  • Catafalque

For the week ending 9/29

  • Conscription
  • Bolster
  • Pariah
  • Referendum
  • Sham
  • Annex
  • Proxy

For the week ending 10/14

  • Sanction
  • Asylum

Link to the news article for the day

For the week ending 8/26

8/24  Making Bread with 4500 Year Old Yeast
8/25  Hilde Lysiak

8/26  Neolithic Watermelon

For the week ending 9/02
8/29  Dinosaur Skeleton in Portugal
8/30  DART Impact
8/31  Artemis Launch
9/01  Voyager Repair
9/02  Ancient Elephant Tusk

For the week ending 9/09
9/06  New British Prime Minister
9/07  Juul Lawsuit
9/08  DNA Helps Identify Victim and Killer
9/09  Queen Elizabeth II Dies, Charles III Becomes King

For the week ending 9/16
9/12  9/11 Memorial Services
9/13  The Stone of Scone
9/14  Paleolithic Surgery
9/15  1.8m y.o. Tooth Found in Georgia
9/16  Quad Jump Skater

For the week ending 9/23
9/19  The Queen's Cowboy
9/20  The Funeral of the Queen
9/21  Putin Initiates Military Conscription
9/22  Russians Flee from Call Up
9/23  Hurricane Fiona Tracks to Canada

For the week ending 9/29
9/26  Lights Out in Europe
9/27  Roman Era Anchor Found Near English Coast
9/28  Hurricane Ian Nears Florida

9/29  Russia to Annex Parts of Ukraine

For the week ending 10/14
10/10  E.U. Plans Further Sanctions Against Russia
10/11  Refugees in Germany
10/12  Egypt Wants Rosetta Stone Returned
10/13  Skeletons Under Shopping Center

10/14  Easter Island Heads Damaged by Wildfire

For the week ending 10/21
10/17  Purple Tomatoes
10/18  Bear Attack and Rescue
10/19  Flooding in Australia
10/20  Plague Survivors and DNA
10/21  St. Nicholas' Burial Site

For the week ending 10/28
10/24 Woman Rescued Near Silverton, Colorado
10/25 Plastic Recycling
10/26 Paleolithic Fish Weir
10/27 New British Prime Minister

10/28 Florida Python Challenge

For the week ending 11/04
10/31 Halloween Candy
11/01 Carbon Dioxide
11/02 Meta Romuli
11/03 The Cyclops Myth
11/04 Pictish Stone

For the week ending 11/11
11/07 Notre Dame Sarcophagus
11/08 Lab Grown Blood
11/09 Possible Hidden da Vinci Mural
11/10 Roman Art in Thrift Store
History of Veterans Day

For the week ending 11/18
11/14 Zelenskyy Visits Kehrson
11/15 Revolutionary War Burials

11/16 600-year-old Coin
11/17 Artemis I Launch