Social Studies 7A, Packet Three, The United Kingdom in the Modern Era

Packet Three
The United Nations
Deadline 9/29, 80 points

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A map of the world showing the United Kingdom highlighted.

The United Kingdom shown on a world map,




How has the United Nations been involved in the development contemporary world politics and culture?






In the years since the end of WWI and especially WWII, the United Nations has been closely involved in creating more stable ways for the world to prevent the kinds of horror that were associated with both of those wars. Their effects have been enormous.

For this packet we will explore some of the ways in which the United Kingdom has helped develop the culture and politics of the world as we now see it.



The purpose of this packet is develop student familiarity with the United Kingdom's contributions to the modern world.

Essential questions

  1. See the handout and your group assignment

Special instructions

Prepare your lesson and then send your summary paragraphs to me in an email.





Printed files

Click here to view part one of this packet - The United Nations Charter, Preamble.

Online files

Click here to see the video about the League of Nations we used in class.

NATO summary on a map.

Click here for the Encyclopedia Britannica article about the U.N.

Click here for the booklet by the World Affairs Council about the U.N.