Digital Citizenship



                  What is Digital Citizenship?

Digitital Citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology. Tablets, iPhones, and computers are all helpful tools that connect others to society through the internet; however, with such connections it is essential to be educated on how to utilize these helpful tools safely. 



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The video below briefly explains Digital Citizenship:


For a more detailed explaination, check out this video:


Why is Digital Citizenship important?

Education and communication are happening widely online for students. The wide use of technology in the classroom and outside the classroom means students need to be educated on how to properly and safely use the internet. With using the internet comes responsiblity. Being aware of online threats such as hacking, viruses, and piracy is important. 



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How to be a good digital citizen:

Think critically 

Report any suspicious online behavior or dangerous behavior (bullying)

Give credit where credit is due

Create secure passwords and do not share passwords

Support others and give positive feedback



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For more information on Digital Citizenship click here.



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