History 8-1, Assignment Eight, Building a New Nation




Assignment Eight
Building a New Nation

Deadline, Feb. 3, 80 points

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After the Revolutionary War ended, what next?


Mount Vernon

A view of Mount Vernon. George Washington's Estate. This side faces the Potomac River.



When Cornwallis was defeated at Yorktown, the questions about how the new United States of America should be shaped became vital to the new nation. No one was sure just exactly what this new nation should be.

The Articles of Confederation, written early in the war, became the first form of government for the new nation. It was radically different than the Constitution that came later, but the states were deeply afraid of an overly-powerful monarch establish an empire.

The first years were tough and there was no certainty that the new nation would survive. After all, the models of government available at the time showed that power monarchies survived while others faltered quickly.


Students will identify and describe the strategies of government and legacies that come to us from the post-Revolutionary War period.

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